"Neckar Hub" network

Written by Patrick Costa

29. January 2021

5 questions for … the “Neckar Hub” network

In this series of articles, we will introduce you to different independesk members. This time, we’re talking about the “Neckar Hub” network in Thübingen. In addition to their coworkers in their associated coworking space, who come from a wide variety of industries, Neckar Hub is part of a Germany-wide network of freelancers and young companies. Through “Open.Innovation”, they introduce startups to large companies or municipalities and promote innovation in the region.

1) Who are you and how did you come up with the idea for the network?

Mein Hub GmbH & Co KG is the parent company of start-up and innovation centers at selected locations throughout Germany. We aim to provide the best possible support for start-ups and young companies. In addition to coworking spaces, we offer start-up consultations, funding advice, events and a network of valuable contacts.

The idea arose from a need of our own.

While searching for premises for his first company, our CEO and founder, Stephan Dabels, noticed how difficult this search is, especially for young companies. Long rental periods, few choices and rather poor price-performance ratios were making things complicated, especially in Tübingen.

For many companies and start-ups, this search is therefore an enormous problem.

To counter this problem and create an appealing environment for founders, the idea of the Neckar Hub was developed – as a start-up and innovation center, and as a coworking space as well.

Many years of experience as a coach and consultant (for Google, Plug&Play (Silicon Valley), the UN, etc.) has enabled Stephan Dabels to quickly establish the Neckar Hub as a center for innovation and ideas in Tübingen and to integrate it into an excellent, constantly growing network.

The response to the Neckar Hub was so positive that just two years after its founding, three more hubs were added: the Isar Hub in Munich, the Spree Hub in Berlin and the Bodensee Hub in Constance. International expansion is also already in the planning stage – be excited, something really big is coming here.

2) What makes you unique compared to other networks?

We are simply not offering a coworking space, but provide the complete package for every start-up. Workspace, consulting, community, investors and exit or scale-up support.

We focus completely on each start-up and its needs individually.

Our start-ups are not just working with us, but growing with us. In the process, everyone benefits from the constantly growing, interdisciplinary community.

3) What does “New Work” mean to you?

Globalization and increasing digitization are having a lasting impact on the way we work. Rigid workplaces and a rigid time schedule is less attracitve than a few years ago, as the desire for independence, flexibility and personal development continues to grow.

With our coworking spaces, we meet these needs. Through flexible workspaces, workshops, seminars, appealing common areas and community building events, we support an open, self-determined way of working and offer a friendly atmosphere that invites you to hang out and connect – even after work.

4) What kind of events do you offer?

We host founder meet-ups with talks, pitch coachings, workshops, HR speed dating and hackathons. Through our events, we try to get to know our community better, support it and foster synergies.

In addition, our “Hub Hero Hour” is taking placing once a month. Here, all our coworkers briefly present their current projects. This way, our community gets to know each other and knows who could help with which problem.

5) Describe your members in 3 words

Emerging young visionaries

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