independesk for companies

independesk for companies

During COVID-19, many companies are finding that working remotely works. Many employees do not benefit from this every day Commute to the company office to have to. But you also notice: The home office has its disadvantages:

Separation of work and private life

The most relevant disadvantage of the home office is the so-called life-work blending, i.e. that Mixing work and privacy . This leads many employees to feel restlessness and restlessness about their work for the first time.

Setting up home offices is expensive

The establishment of so-called teleworking places also means one thing for companies enormous financial and logistical effort . Often the natural fluctuation in a company causes great chaos: Pick up the office chair from the old employee, deliver the desk to the new employee …

it’s easier with independesk

We create solutions for companies. With a monthly independent budget companies can give their employees flexibility.

1. More flexibility for employees
2. Employee satisfaction increases
3. Costs for your own company office decrease in the long term due to less space required in your own office

Companies therefore save logistics and money and at the same time ensure a better working atmosphere through the use of independesk.

Every company is unique

We know this! And that’s why we look forward to hearing from you and us discuss together how we can support your company in working flexibly. One thing is certain: We have the perfect solutions for you to be a pioneer in a hybrid working world.

Our team is at your disposal.
Write to us here in the chat, by email at or call us: +49 (0) 30 409 039 38.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Even if you don’t know yet whether independesk is for you, feel free to ask!