Offer free desks

Your company has a few unused desks or free rooms? With us, you can rent them out flexibly and easily and thus reducing your own monthly fixed costs and expand your network.

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What do I need to pay attention to?

Please make sure that your space meets the following points so that each user can manage their time as effectively as possible.

  • A contact person on site at the beginning of the booking
  • Insightful photos of the workspaces for the profile in the app
  • A tidy and clean workplace
  • Access to a power source
  • Sufficient light sources
  • High-speed Internet access (min. DSL 50 MBit/s)

We do not allow registrations from:

  • Living spaces
  • Unfurnished rooms

Please do not offer desks in your premises if you cannot ensure a safe environment for your employees and the users of independesk by following the publicly prescribed hygiene measures.

How do I create a space at independesk?

Three easy steps to your independesk!


Step 1 - Register

In order to offer your space for free, you first need to register and create an account. This is done in a few clicks. It is important to verify your email address.


Step 2 - Create Space

With different features, rules and text fields you can describe your space in an appealing way. Here you can also set the standard opening hours for our users and think about a daily price. It is especially important for a successful booking to upload 2-3 meaningful pictures, so that the users can assess in advance whether they will work there productively.


Step 3 - Payment information

Before it is possible for users to book with you, you need to store your payment information in a Stripe account. In this way your data is protected and we can safely transfer your rental income at the end of the month.

Press “Next” when you are done with everything to publish your space.

Good luck!

How much will it cost me to offer a desk?


Downloading the app and registering with independesk is free of charge. There is no basic fee and no fixed contract periods for creating and using an account – both creating a profile and publishing and offering desks or meeting rooms is free of charge.  

Only after a successful booking at your location independesk will charge a commission of 20% of the price you set. 


Become a part of independesk

Why independesk?

Coworking within walking distance

Get to know the neighborhood

Productive work environment

Existing structures

Pay-as-you-go solution

Questions? We are happy to help!

How can I offer my Space?

Once you have registered yourself, you can start to create a profile for your Space. In case you have questions, we recommend you to watch our Example Video in which we show all the required steps. In case of further questions, feel free to reach out to our service team (

What are my advantages?
  1. We offer a direct increase in your online and offline reach through our marketing and press work.
  2. You can get a higher utilization of your existing infrastructure – and make an extra income.
  3. We extend your community by flexible users (eg. travelers, freelancers) that need a desk to work in the short term and regionally.
Are there any costs for listing a desk?

No, the general usage of our app is free. The listing of a space on independesk is free of charge. Once a booking at your space has been succesfully completed, and you have made some income, thats when we are asking for a comission of 20%.