The smart solution for flexible businesses: Coworking membership gives your team access to 1,800 desks and meeting rooms. With the Digital Workplace Manager, you simplify the management and analysis of workplaces.

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Climate protection through reduced commuting

Optimization of rental costs

1,800 workplaces

Increase satisfaction and productivity

Coworking close to where your employees live?

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How it works


Put together individual independesk products

You define the individual hybrid work concept for your company and your employees. We're happy to help you put together the independesk products.


Daily use of independesk

Your employees receive individual and flexible access authorization to the independesk products you have booked.


Lasting satisfaction

The possibility of hybrid work allows your employees maximum flexibility and a better work-life balance. It has been proven that this leads to lasting satisfaction.

Inspiring workshop spaces, conference and meeting rooms within walking distance?

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Our solutions for hybrid working

Coworking for companies

As a member of our community, your employees have access to over 10,000 desks and meeting rooms. You set the budget individually.
from 500 € p.m.

Corporate Meeting rooms

Supplement your own office with numerous professional and fully equipped conference and workshop rooms, which you can use flexibly as required.
from 15 € p.h.

Management of own workplaces

Simply manage the existing workstations and keep track of the workload in the office.
7 € p.m.

Individual office solutions

Use our corporate location service and we will find suitable spaces for your employees at the desired location.
from 1.200 €

For employees

Use Independesk as an employee of a company
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For Spaces

Rent desks and meeting rooms through independesk
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For Freelancer

Book a workspace or conference room without a subscription
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For StartUps

The smart solution for flexible companies
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Press reviews

  •  The startup independesk offers a particularly flexible model, which also caused enthusiasm in the "Die Höhle der Löwen" (Dragons Den or Shark Tank in the UK/US) and won Carsten Maschmayer, among others, as an investor. 

    29.10.2021 – Venture Capital Magazin
  • You can now easily rent desks on an hourly basis with an app called independesk – brilliant.

    22.10.2021 – New Work Magazine
  • independesk developed the Airbnb for workplaces.

    22.11.2021 – Gründerszene
  • independesk offers software that companies can use to rent their desks and meeting rooms to people in the area.

    02.12.2021 – Business Punk
  • Independesk offers exciting opportunities for developers and their tenants to generate additional income with free desks and conference rooms, especially for future commercial property projects.

    16.02.2022 – Deal Magazin Online

Any questions? We have answers.

What exactly does independesk do?

"independesk - The Workplace Company" has focused on the development of solutions for hybrid working. Originally started as a platform where every company can rent out its free desks and meeting rooms to people from the neighborhood, independesk now offers flexibility and support in the New Work process to many well-known companies with its products.

What is independesk coworking?

independesk Coworking is a coworking membership for all 1,500 independesk locations. Companies set a monthly budget for which they purchase usage rights at independesk for which desks or meeting rooms can be booked. For more information, see "Coworking for Companies".

What are independesk meeting rooms?

Whether team events, customer presentations, offsites or workshops - on independesk Meetingrooms there is a wide selection of inspiring locations. independesk Meetingrooms is a wonderful opportunity for companies to purchase monthly usage rights for meeting and conference rooms available all over Germany. More info on "meeting rooms for companies".

What is the independesk Manager?

The independesk Manager is a desk booking tool that provides companies with a better overview of the utilization of their own office, the use of home offices, as well as the booking of third locations. Both HR and asset management gain valuable insights for the development of the location strategy. More information on "Management of own workplaces".

What does the independesk Location Service do?

Whether you are looking for a new location or a new headquarters according to your requirements - our location team will find the perfect location for you. For more information, go to "Individual Location Service".

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working refers to the combination of different work locations. This includes not only the company office and the home office, but also third locations, so-called independesks. In theory, the choice of work location should be made by the employee according to need and task. In practice, however, companies often lack the necessary flexible structures.

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