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Is there parking on site?

You can find out whether there are parking spaces on site and other information about the desk or the local conditions directly in the advertisement for the desk.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, if you see the "pets welcome" icon on your booked desk. If not, you could contact the provider via email or phone and ask.

Can I bring friends or colleagues with me?

If you have booked in for a single desk, you can't bring any other people with you. If you would like to work together with your friends or colleagues, they can also book a desk via independesk, provided there is still capacity. However, if you have booked a meeting room that is intended and advertised for several people, only one person has to book this room and you can of course take your colleagues with you. Therefore, please always pay close attention to how many people the booked room is designed for.

I have to make a lot of phone calls. Can I do this undisturbed at my desk?

Some desks have extra telephone rooms, at others you can make calls at your own desk without any problems, and then there are desks where you shouldn't make calls at the desk. You can find out from the advertisement which rules must be observed at a desk.

Do I have WiFi access at my desk and how do I get access?

A basic requirement for being able to offer a desk through us is WiFi access. If you do not have access on site, there is always a contact person on site who can help you.

Can I ask the providers questions about the quote?

Yes. If you have a question, please first look at the information and details on the advertisement. If anything is still unclear, you are welcome to contact the provider directly using the contact details provided on the advertisement or, in the case of a corporate membership, your independent Hybrid Work Manager.

What if something is damaged after my use?

As a user, you are responsible for leaving your desk (including all personal and other items located there) in the condition in which you found it. If it can be proven that damage was actually caused by you as a user, the provider can demand compensation from you as a user. You can find more information on this in our terms and conditions.

Can I visit the desk in advance?

Please don't do this without "direct" prior consultation or agreement with the provider.

Do I have to check in and out on site?

Look at the description and details of your booked desk. There you will find all the relevant information and rules that need to be observed on site, including whether you need to check in or out. You are automatically checked in via our app for the booked time.

Is my desk corona safe? Do I have to wear a mask?

You can see from the advertisement which rules must be observed on site and where a mask must be worn. If this advertisement contains a corona protection seal, the provider of the desk assures you that all hygiene guidelines are observed to ensure safe working.

How many times can I book a desk per day/week/month?

You can book as many times as you want as long as a desk is available. If you use independesk through your company, you may have internal guidelines for use.

Is everything included in the quoted price or are there any additional costs?

There will be no additional costs for you. You will be shown gross prices (i.e. the price including VAT). The price that you are shown for a desk includes everything that is specified for this desk in terms of equipment.

How much does a desk cost per hour?

The desk provider set their own prices. Basically, the price depends on the location and the equipment, so it is worth comparing the prices. With us you will find everything - from ergonomic workspaces in individual offices to relaxed tables in co-working spaces.

What kind of equipment is offered to me at the desks?

In principle, every booking includes a desk, a chair, electricity and WiFi access. In addition, the suppliers of desks indicate their individual equipment features in the space profile. These range from kitchen use to air conditioning. But also childcare or the entrainment of pets is partly given.

Can I find meeting rooms through independsk as well?

Yes. A large number of different premises can be found via independesk, including meeting rooms and conference rooms, which are also perfect as a location for workshops, off-sites and customer presentations.

Is independesk available in my city?

At independesk, we want to make desks available to anyone, anywhere. Just use the in-app search to see if desks are available in your city. If there is no available desk in your city, please let us know and we will try to expand the offer in your city as well. Alternatively, you can also approach a coworking space you know and suggest to the operators that they register with us.

What can I do if there are no desks available near me?

Please let us know by email ( if there are no free desks in your area. Then we try to get in touch with the companies in your region and introduce ourselves. Otherwise, you can of course approach a company you know directly and suggest that they register with us. Then they would start directly with a potential regular customer.

How do I find the right desk for me?

The search function not only allows you to select the exact place you are looking for. You can also specify other criteria that are relevant to you and your desk search. So you can easily find a desk that exactly suits your taste and needs.


We want to book a meeting room. Does each user have to log in individually for this meeting room?

No. If you want to book a meeting room for several people, only one person has to book this room. However, please always pay close attention to how many people the booked meeting room is designed for, so that in the end there are not more people than the capacities allow.

Do I get an invoice for my bookings?

Yes, you will receive your invoices by email.

What if a provider cancels my booking?

A cancellation by the provider is only possible up to 48 hours before the start of the confirmed booking time. Of course, you will not incur any costs. You can find more detailed information regarding a cancellation in our terms and conditions.

Is the booking insured?

You are insured by your employer during your working hours or by your health insurance company if you are self-employed.

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking from your dashboard. Free cancellation is possible up to 2 hours before the start of the booking time. Afterwards the first 2 hours of the booking would be charged.

What happens when my booking time ends? Can I extend it?

At the end of your booking you will be offered the opportunity to spontaneously extend the booking time - provided there is still a place available and the space is still open. The extension results in additional costs, which are subject to the same hourly rate as your previous booking.

How far in advance can I book a desk?

The desks can be booked a maximum of two months in advance.

Is there a minimum booking period?

Yes, the minimum booking time is 2 hours.

Can I book a desk for the current day?

We ask for it. Independesk offers you the highest flexibility when booking your desk. Starting immediately, you can book your desk every 15 minutes.

Payment & Billing

Is there a way for my employer to pay for my bookings?

Yes that is no problem. Your employer only needs an "independesk coworking" membership. This can then be used to provide any number of employees with a monthly budget for bookings. More information on our page "independesk coworking".

What if I don't use all of my booked time?

Costs are incurred for the time you have booked and are payed either by your company in the case of an independesk membership or by yourself in the case of an individual account. It is up to you whether you want to use the desk for the entire duration or leave earlier. Make sure, however, if your desk requests that you check out.

Will the desk provider have access to my credit card information?

No! If you do not have a corporate membership and have provided credit card information, it will only be used to pay for your desk and will not be made available to any third party.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No. The only cost involved is the cost of the desk itself per hour. The exact prices can be found directly in the offer. You will be shown gross prices (i.e. the price including VAT). Depending on the nature of your account, your company may also bear the costs.

When and how do I pay for my bookings?

You don't need to pay for your bookings yourself. After registering, you can enter your credit card details and all bookings will then be automatically billed at the end of the booking period. If you have an employee account, your employer will pay for your use as part of the corporate membership.

Registration / Account

Where can I see my booked desks?

To do this, log into your account and then go to “Bookings”. There you will see all your pending and past bookings of your desks.

How can I change my password?

Log into your account and then go to your "profile overview" clicking on your name. There is a “Change Password” option where you can then enter your old password and your new desired password. Then click confirm and you have successfully changed your password.

Can I share my account with friends and colleagues?

Only you can book a desk via your account. However, if you need a meeting room for several people, you only need one account or one booking. If your colleagues also want to use independesk, introduce independesk Coworking in their company.

Do I have to register to see offers?

No. If you just want to browse the desks a bit, you can do that as a guest. Simply select your search criteria and off you go!

What information are required to create an account?

To create your account, you will only be asked for your full name and email address. As a company account, you then add all the information that is relevant for billing.

How do I create an account?
  1. independesk for employees: If you would like to create a company account for yourself and your employees, there are several options: either register at or send us an email to
  2. Use independesk yourself: Download our free app from the App Store (download) or Google Playstore (download). You will then be asked for your full name, email address and payment information to create an account. After you have entered all the data completely, you can complete your account. You can then log into your account at any time with your chosen login data and book desks.
  3. Offer a desk at independesk : Create an Account on

Search & Offer

Is there a way I can indicate that I'm part of the independesk community and that I'm offering a space?

Yes, we try to send a welcome pack with different signs to the spaces that have been successfully published, for an optimal "user experience" on site.

Can I book desks and offer them myself with the same account?

If you have a company account that your employees use to use independesk coworking, we recommend creating a second account for renting internal spaces.

If you are logged into your account as an individual user, you can either search for desks or switch to provider mode on your profile page. After that you can add your desks. If you then want to switch back to user mode, you can easily switch back via your profile page.

Can I choose to close my space on certain days?

Of course. You are in control of all bookings and availability. You decide on which days and hours the desks should be available. Individual days can also be changed . And if your desk or meeting room has to be closed, you can cancel existing bookings up to 48 hours in advance.

What is the Corona protection seal?

If you see the Corona protection seal on a desk, the providers of the desks assure that all hygiene guidelines are observed to ensure safe working.

Are there any recommendations for offering and booking desks in Corona times?

It is your responsibility whether and which desks you offer or use yourself. The following recommendations can help you reduce health risks:

  1. Observe higher-level, regional and local official recommendations and specifications, in particular on prevention, protection and hygiene: Corona regulations in the federal states.
  2. Avoid public transport. Use your car or switch to your bike. Let's use the advantages of coworking in your neighborhood to make a contribution to climate protection together - this is particularly important to us at independesk.
  3. Please ask the operators of the spaces what they do to protect you and yourself from Corona if this is not already sufficiently listed in the space profile on independesk.
  4. Please insure with your space to take all necessary protective measures, including compliance with hygiene (disinfectants, cleaning, etc.).
  5. Please inform the users of your space of any special rules of conduct that apply to your space in connection with the Corona crisis.

General behavioural recommendations

  1. Physical distancing
  2. Hygiene
  3. Masks

Stay home if you're sick and get well! Inform yourself regularly about updates of the official requirements.

How do user find my offered desk?

In their search, user can specify their search location and additional criteria that are relevant to them. If these criteria apply to your desk, the user will see your offer in the list of offers. A little tip: make sure that your ad is informative and has appropriate images.

What are the minimum requirements for a desk?

We check all registrations carefully and make sure that all the information are correct.

Our minimum requirements for a desk are:

  1. Contact person on site
  2. Photo of the workplace
  3. Clean workplace
  4. Access to power sockets
  5. Sufficient light source
  6. High-speed Internet access (at least DSL with 50 MBit/s)

We do not allow registrations from: private living rooms, unfurnished rooms

Can I offer multiple and different desks?

Yes. If you want to offer desks, you can offer as many as you like. The different categories that you can select when creating a desk also allow you to specify the different spaces in which your desks are located. From individual offices to meeting rooms to team or open-plan offices.

How can I create my desk?

Once you've registered, you can start creating a profile for your desk or meeting room. If you need help, please watch our video, which shows each step. If you have any questions or technical problems, you are welcome to contact our service team (

What are my benefits?
  1. We offer a direct increase in your online and offline reach through our marketing and press work.
  2. You get a higher utilization of your existing infrastructure - and can regenerate additional income.
  3. We expand your community with flexible users (e.g. freelancers, travelers) who need a short-term and regional desk.
Who can take part?

In principle, any company can join us: offices and coworking spaces, but also hotels, event locations, restaurants and cafés with free desks and meeting or conference rooms. What we require from you is a chair, a table and access to electricity and WiFi. Of course, there should also be access to the sanitary facilities. Setting up private rooms is not possible.

Booking & Costs

Do I have to approve/confirm every booking of a desk?

No. If a user has booked your desk, you will automatically receive information about the booking with all relevant information. So you don't have to do anything else here.

Can I cancel a booking if my space is no longer available?

Yes, you can cancel any booking free of charge up to 48 hours before the start via your dashboard.

What is the commission that independesk charges for their service?

Independesk retains a fee of 20% of the booking costs incurred.

What payment options are there?

Our payment processor for offering a space is "Stripe" - this requires opening an Express Stripe account. Our service team will guide you through this process should you require assistance.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. We deduct our commission fee from users' rental payments. The rest is up to you. There are no other fees.

How much can I earn by renting through independesk?

That depends on many factors, such as location and accessibility. We can only recommend that you present your desk as attractively as possible. Feel free to get in touch if you need assistance with this.

Does it cost anything to offer a desk?

No, the use of our app is free of charge. We do not charge anything for publishing and offering a desk. Only when a successful booking has been made do we charge a commission of 20%.

How much can I charge for my desk or meeting room?

You alone decide the prices. In the app we ask for a daily rate (8 hours), which serves as the basis for calculating the hourly rate.

As a guide, we recommend between €20 and €30 per day (€2.5 – €3.75 per hour) for a desk, depending on the equipment. For the meeting rooms, on the other hand, we recommend a price starting at €120 per day (€15 per hour), depending on size and equipment.


Where does the bill go?

The invoice is sent once a month by email to the email address provided.

Can an employee use their own profile for both private and business bookings?

No. An employee account doesn't have the option to specify other payment methods and accordingly can only dispose of the budget set by you for this account.

How are all bookings settled?

Your independesk membership will be billed once a month unless otherwise agreed.

All successful bookings by employees are listed chronologically and separately in the dashboard, giving you an overview of actual usage.

Can each employee have different debit limits/credits?

Yes, each employee can be provided with an individual budget. The sum of the budget is only a limit to be able to control the costs. If this limit is exceeded, a booking is not possible. At the beginning of the month, the entire previously set amount is available again.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Payment is made once a month via an invoice issued by independesk in the amount of the independesk membership or the booked service, unless otherwise agreed.

Can I centrally manage all of our employees' accounts?

Yes. Every account that has been invited, accepted and created by the employees can be managed via the admin account. There is no limit to the number of employees.

How do my employees get access to the company account?

If you are logged into your company account, you will be able to add new employees on the profile page. Once you've clicked on there, you can then set the name, email address, and budget limit for the employees. Your employees will then receive an invitation link by email and can then book the desks as part of this company account.

How can I register for a company account?

The same registration process as for the standard accounts is followed and you have the option of opting for a company account right from the start. Afterwards, the option “Convert to a company account” can be selected in the menu bar.

What is a  Company-Account?

A company account is an extension of the standard account. Additional options will be activated with which your own employees can be invited and managed. A specific or unlimited budget can then be made available to them for booking. More information on this can be found on our pages on independesk coworking and the independesk manager.

independesk Location Service

Why independesk Location Sevice?

Working hours are changing more than ever before. Spontaneous changes require specialized project teams. The independesk location team is just such a project team and is happy to answer any questions you may have about spaces and new locations.

Can independesk also look for a new headquarter for us?

Yes! This is exactly what the independent location service is for. You define what your location strategy should look like and we will find the right locations for you.

If you need support in creating a location strategy, we are of course also at your disposal.

Are all offices that are offered to us shared offices?

No. If you want a shared office or the use of independesk coworking, this is possible. We would also be happy to find you an exclusive office just for your company according to your ideas.

Where is independesk looking for an office?

independesk Location Service is currently operating with a focus on Germany, but is also looking in Switzerland and other European countries depending on your requirements.

What does the independesk location service do?

We have a dedicated team that finds new locations or a new headquarter according to your requirements. Talk to us about your individual strategy for reducing and optimizing existing spaces and renting satellite locations for the employment of skilled workers in other cities.

independesk Meetingrooms

Where are there meeting rooms?

At the moment there are meeting rooms all over Germany and Switzerland. In the future there will be the possibility to book meeting and conference rooms throughout Europe via independesk.

Can I advertise a meeting room in our office ?

Of course ! Please register your meeting room at

How much does a meeting room cost and how many people can it accommodate?

Meeting room costs vary from €15 per hour to over €100 per hour, depending on the equipment, location and size. The number of people who can be accommodated is shown in the respective profile.

How can I book a meeting room?

You can either book a meeting room directly via the independesk app (App Store (download) or Google Playstore (download)) or register for a company account so that you have a monthly budget at your disposal.

What are independesk meeting rooms?

Companies that have free desks and meeting rooms can advertise them on independesk. independesk Meetingrooms is a wonderful opportunity for companies to buy monthly usage rights for meeting and conference rooms that are available throughout Germany in order to hold team events, customer presentations or workshops at inspiring locations.

independesk Manager

How is it ensured that my employees do not feel controlled?

In Manager, there are precise settings for personal data, so there is no sense of control. In addition, your employees can decide for themselves in the app whether they want to share their locations with your team for collaboration.

Can unused space also be rented to external users?

Yes, that is possible. You can book your offices for your own employees as well as make them available to external users via our platform.

Is there a mobile app for this?

Yes, there is. The manager works in combination with our app, which can already be used to book pay-as-you-go access to company offices or home offices. Once a company account has been created and a coworking package has been purchased, your employees can access the company area within the app.

What kind of integrations with other tools are there?

At the moment, we are working at full speed on an API that will make integrations with other tools possible. For more information and the current status, please feel free to contact us.

Is the data safe?

Yes, they are. We are 100% GDPR-compliant and all our servers are located in Germany. The security of your data is very important to us and is therefore taken into account from the very beginning when developing our solutions.

Can you combine the manager with independesk coworking?

Absolutely! The budget for third locations is also distributed to the employees via the manager. The coworking membership 'Enterprise' even includes 1,000 licenses for the manager.

Which analyzes can the independesk manager do?

The analyzes are based entirely on your needs, but allow everything from space utilization and the frequency of home office to safety protocols in the event of a fire.

Can several locations be administered via the independent manager?

For sure. Companies with different locations often have a huge overhead in coordinating the locations and occupancy. This effort is drastically reduced by the independesk manager. At the same time, evaluations of land use and cooperation are possible.

What does the independesk Manager cost?

The price of the independesk manager can be flexibly scaled, depending on the number of licenses required. An overview can be found on our price page.

Who is the independesk manager aimed at?

The independesk manager is aimed at medium-sized and large companies that want to give their employees a simple and intuitive booking tool that makes hybrid work manageable as a corporate benefit.

What is the independesk Manager?

The independesk manager is a desk booking tool that gives companies a better overview of the capacity in their own office, the use of home office, and the booking of third party locations. Valuable insights for the development of a location strategy for both HR and asset management.

independesk Coworking

Is independesk coworking a flat rate?

No, independesk Coworking is a membership in which a fixed volume of usage rights is booked monthly. This means that it is still possible for the spaces to have different costs and thus differ from each other in terms of equipment and location.

Do I have access to all meeting and conference rooms?

Yes, with an employee account from independesk Coworking you have access to all locations. Of course, as the person responsible for HR, you can also blacklist certain spaces that do not meet your requirements.

How many spaces can I use?

More than 1,500 spaces are now registered on independesk. Depending on certain framework conditions, which are given by the works council, for example, these can be booked as workplaces or meeting rooms as required.

Who is indpendesk coworking aimed at?

independesk Coworking is aimed at companies that want to integrate flexible working into their hybrid work strategy and enable their employees to work remotely as a corporate benefit.

At over 1,500 professional locations, they have a supplement to the home office and a selective alternative to the daily commute.

What is independesk Coworking?

independesk Coworking is a coworking membership for all independesk locations. Companies set a monthly budget for which they purchase usage rights from independesk. independesk Coworking is more flexible than any coworking space membership because your company gets full access to all 1,500 independesk locations, which includes not only desks but also meeting and conference rooms.

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