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Rent out your workplaces to lower your costs

Does your company, hotel, café or coworking space have unused desks or free rooms? With us you can rent them out flexible and easy. This way you can reduce your own monthly fixed costs.

Requirements for our Spaces

High-speed Internet access (at least DSL with 50 MBit/s)

No unfurnished or private rooms

Power access

Tidy desks

Sufficient light sources

Corona safe

How it works

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Create a free account in a few clicks to start offering your space. It is important to verify your email address.

Create spaces

Edit details

Specify opening times, prices, amenities and rules to describe your space. Good photos make the ad more attractive. Add a billing address and connect a Stripe account (SetUp of Stripe is free of charge).

Let's start

Publish your space

Publish your space so it can be found and booked, earning you monthly rental income.

Our prices

Downloading the app and registering with independesk is free. There is no basic fee and no fixed contract periods for creating and using an account - both creating a profile and publishing and offering desks or meeting rooms is free of charge. Only after a successful booking at your location independesk will charge a commission of 20% of the price you set.
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Any questions? We have answers.

Who can take part?

In general, any company can join us: offices and coworking spaces, but also hotels, event locations, restaurants and cafés with free desks and meeting or conference rooms. What we require from provider is a chair, a table and access to electricity and WiFi. Of course, there should also be access to the sanitary facilities. Setting up private rooms is not possible.

What are my benefits?

1. We offer a direct increase in your online and offline reach through our marketing and press work.
2. You get a higher utilization of your existing infrastructure - and can therefore regenerate additional income.
3. We expand your community with flexible users (e.g. freelancers, travelers) who need a short-term and regional workplace.

How can I setup my desk?

Once you've registered, you can start creating a profile for your desk or meeting room. If you need help, please watch our video, which shows each step. If you have any questions or technical problems, you are welcome to contact our service team (

Can I offer multiple and different desks?

Yes. If you want to offer desks, you can offer as many as you like. The different categories that you can select when creating a desk also allow you to specify the different spaces in which your desks are located. From individual offices to meeting rooms to team or open-plan offices.

What are the minimum requirements for a desk?

We check all registrations carefully and make sure that all the information are correct.
Our minimum requirements for a desk are:
1. Contact person on site
2. Photo of the workplace
3. Clean workplace
4. Access to power sockets
5. Sufficient light source
6. High-speed Internet access (at least DSL with 50 MBit/s)
We do not allow registrations from: private living rooms, unfurnished rooms

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. We deduct our commission fee from users' rental payments. The rest is up to you. There are no other fees.

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