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If your company uses independesk Coworking, you will receive individual access from your supervisor, which you can use to log into the app and gain access to all spaces.

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Your supervisor will send you an invitation with your individual access. Download the independesk app and log in there.


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Search for a desk within walking distance. A meeting room near the daycare center or an office space for your team and book everything with one click!


Live Coworking.

Use independesk Coworking's 1,500+ spaces to find your work-life balance by avoiding commutes and having more time for the important things.

Over 1,800 locations throughout Germany and Switzerland

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  •  I like to book a desk at the small company on my street. I rarely need my car anymore, which saves me a lot of driving time! 

    Lisa Keller, Clerk

Any questions? We have answers.

What data does my employer see/receive?

The admin sees the full name and e-mail address of the employees. The stored photo is also displayed to him. In the booking history, the booking with the associated invoice is displayed AFTER successful completion.

We want to book a meeting room. Does each user have to log in individually for this meeting room?

No. If you want to book a meeting room for several people, only one person has to book this room. However, please always pay close attention to how many people the booked meeting room is designed for, so that in the end there are not more people than the capacities allow.

What if a provider cancels my booking?

A cancellation by the provider is only possible up to 48 hours before the start of the confirmed booking time. Of course, you will not incur any costs. You can find more detailed information regarding a cancellation in our terms and conditions.

Can I book a desk for the current day?

Yes please. Independesk offers you the highest flexibility when booking your desk. Starting immediately, you can book your desk every 15 minutes.

Is there a minimum booking period?

Yes, the minimum booking time is 2 hours.

How far in advance can I book a desk?

The desks can be booked a maximum of two months in advance.

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