Written by Karsten Kossatz


"Better Normal" instead of "New Normal"

Our founder Karsten Kossatz explains what a unique opportunity we have to change routines after the pandemic: Hyperlocal life, hybrid work. For the most part, commuting to the office should be a thing of the past, as well as flying to meetings.

Abolish old routines

"Let's talk about the better normal from now on. Because now we have the chance to really change something. "

Karsten Kossatz, founder of independesk

In the pandemic everything was different than before: working, living, communicating. And now that the pandemic is slowly on the decline, what many would not have thought possible is threatening to happen: people are falling back into their long-lost routines that they have lived through for decades, that allow little innovation and are in in many cases they are relics from an old, analogue era.

We have to take the chance

We now have the unique opportunity to stand up for our personal freedoms. New technologies enable us to communicate with one another differently and to change processes. Trends like Coworking and desk sharing That already existed before the pandemic and that experienced an unprecedented acceleration due to Corona should now be integrated into urban planning concepts and built into their hybrid work strategies by companies. Flexible working should make full use of the digital possibilities. Book a desk using the app - that's possible! Let the conference take place remotely - that works too! In the afternoon Time with the kids spend - that's even more so!

But: If we now fall back into our nine-to-five rhythm, we spend a lot of time in the car that we could otherwise spend with the family, as we did before the pandemic, are often at a great distance from home during the day and throw all freedoms that the pandemic has given us despite its rigorous restrictions, overturned.

Work and live better with personal responsibility

Those who now refer to the company in which they work and the lack of opportunities to make their own life more flexible: they too have the new one Type of collaboration not yet understood. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, employees can have a say in a lot, give impulses and campaign for better working conditions. Every company should be interested in a high level of employee satisfaction Use tools that increase employee satisfaction . Even when developing a remote strategy for employees, they should be involved in the process and their different ones Requirements for flexible working get noticed.

We show the process of how companies can develop their own strategy for hybrid working on ours Company page.

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