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Berlin - the coworking place to be

Whether in historical backyards, modern new buildings or quiet suburbs: the Berlin coworking landscape is diverse. New concepts and networks are constantly emerging here that are revolutionizing the way we work. But for many Berlin companies Coworking to this day only the epitome of creative freelancers on laptops in young and new working environments. Coworking in Berlin is so much more:

Berlin coworking legends

After London, Berlin is home to most of the coworking spaces in Europe, and it is a breeding ground for coworking throughout Germany. This is where the pioneer of the coworking scene, the St. Oberholz, came into being in 2005. In addition to the first coworking space on Rosenthaler Platz, the second was added in 2015 on Zehndicker Straße.

Das Ahoy! is a coworking space that also functions as a hub: in addition to a large community, the company, founded in 2012, also offers its members other services such as events. Here you will find different workplaces such as FlexDesks, individual and team offices.

You can always work relaxed and creatively in the Betahaus. Located in Kreuzberg, you can sip coffee in the café on the ground floor and recharge your batteries with good food, so you can plunge into your work full of energy or have interesting conversations in a cozy atmosphere with other flexible workers. Rent a table? You can do it, but it is not a must.

WORK EAT MEET - Anyone standing in front of this door knows that they have found the unicorn (center). Here you will also find (true to their motto) a combination of meeting point and work space in a modern atmosphere. In the front area you can either sit relaxed with a smoothie at the laptop or work more concentrated at a desk in the coworking space. The café / space combo also includes another coworking space a stone's throw away, which is larger and offers different workplace shapes (single, meeting & event rooms).

The coworking spaces are as diverse as Berlin. You can find a parent-child coworking space in Friedrichshain at Work'n'Kid . There you do not have to worry about your work if the daycare centers strike or the childminder is absent - and you will find the perfect work-child balance.

Coworking doesn't need a coworking space

Are you looking for flexible work opportunities, but don't necessarily want to sign a possibly even longer-term contract? There are also different options for this, such as various coworking networks (one coworking, design passes, and much more). Coworking networks give you the flexibility to decide anew every day where you want to work.

Also independesk enables you to work in a different coworking space every day. The key difference: You don't have to sign a contract here, you only pay for the hours you actually use. Do you spontaneously need a quiet place in a single office for just two hours? This is just as possible as renting you and your team in a meeting room for several hours or renting a flexible workspace in an open-plan office.

Regardless of which variant you choose at the end of the day - it is important that you have made good progress and that you have been able to use your time sensibly.

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