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5 Questions for… the Network "ParentPreneurs"

The ParentPreneur network is the first business network tailored to the needs of parents. His mission is to support founders with children with a strong business network of like-minded people to help them launch their great businesses.

1) Who are you?

"ParentPreneur" is a network by and for parents who are enthusiastic about founding. Our experience shows that parents are very interested in starting a business. However, financial uncertainty, a product that is not yet ready for the market and a lack of "drivers" in the form of networks, other founders and mentors often lead to the fact that start-up projects remain untouched.

We want and can make a contribution for changing that. Magda, Toma and Julia met back in 2018 at an incubator program for parents run by Google for Start-ups. Even after that they stayed in touch, driven by the idea of also specifically supporting other parents with their foundings.

In 2019, we were joined by Katja, co-founder of juggleHUB, who in turn was working on an incubator idea for parents. With the juggleHUB, we had a home base that was perfectly tailored to parents and founders. Shortly thereafter, Nora joined the team.

Since the end of 2019, we've been doing monthly meetups with different formats, building a knowledge base, networking parents specifically, and continuing to work on developing a ParentPreneurs incubator. We are still supported by "Google for Start-ups", which is great and gives us some freedom.

2) What makes you unique compared to other networks?

We target people with children explicitly who want to found or are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. We see entrepreneurship less as a state and more as a mindset. You can also witness that in our Meetups. Everyone is very engaged, open and focused at the same time. And of course, children are welcome at all our Meetups.

We offer free childcare at the "juggleHUB". But if you want, you can simply bring your child along to the event. In addition, we make sure that our Meetups take place at times that are well compatible with family rhythms. Our network has very quickly formed a solid core of members who are always there and enrich every speaker session and every Deep Dive, where we dedicate ourselves as a group to new startup idea. That's great to see!

3) What does "New Work" mean to you?

For us, New Work means being able to live and work well, no matter what stage of life you are in. There are phases of life in which you can invest a lot in gainful work; in other phases, other lifetopics take priority.

A good working society and progressive companies see people as holistic beings with very different skills and competencies, but also with different needs and areas of responsibility, professionaly and private, and they develop appropriate ways of working together and shaping them.

4) What kind of events do you offer?

We have two event formats that we have offered from the beginning - the Expert Sessions and the Deep Dives. In an Expert Session, a speaker gives an impulse on a topic relevant to founding (and parenting). Afterwards, there is time for questions and discussion. Our secret "star" are our Deep Dives. A Deep Dive is a kind of mastermind session, in which the entire group focuses on a specific challenge or question posed by one of the participants. Translating this format into the virtual space was and is a big challenge, but we are getting better at it. At the moment we are developing new formats - so you can be curious about what else is coming in 2021! Maybe even physical meetings will be possible again soon. That would be great!

5) Describe your members in 3 words

Parents, committed, pioneers.

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