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5 Questions for..."Neckar Hub" Coworking

For our first blog post in this series, we introduce our independesk member "Neckar Hub" coworking space in Thübingen. In addition to their interdisciplinary community, they offer workplaces based on the open space principle, dedicated spaces for small teams and access to a large network of founders, coaches and mentors.

1) What does "New Work" mean to you?

Globalization and increasing digitization are having a lasting impact on the way we work. Fixed workplaces and a rigid timeslot are less attractive than they were a few years ago, as the desire for independence, flexibility and personal development continues to grow.

With our coworking spaces, we meet these needs. Through flexible workspaces, workshops, seminars, appealing common areas and community building events, we support an open, self-determined way of working and offer a friendly atmosphere that invites you to hang out and connect, even after work.

2) How would you describe the working atmosphere at your coworking space?

Start-ups and freelancers from a wide range of industries work with us every day on creative ideas and new business models. In our premises, we live together like in a large shared apartment.

Regular coffee and lunch breaks together, as well as mutual assistance with problems, lead to a relaxed, creative atmosphere. Even beyond work. It is not uncommon for people to come together in the evening and cheer with a drink in the evening and round off the day.

3) What makes you and your space unique?

What sets our space apart is that we don't just cowork. We offer startup consultations, funding advice, pitch trainings and much more. Through regular events, we ensure constant exchange between our Hub Heroes, promote synergies and provide access to a great network of mentors, advisors, investors, companies, tax advisors and lawyers.

In addition, the open and collaborative atmosphere in pure coworking spaces is usually not very pronounced.

4) Offline- or Online-Meeting?

Consultations, events, competitions - we are familiar with online meetings. But we love and live personal contact. We want to ensure it in the long term, and the best synergies are created offline. Of course, this is also due to the fact that our coworkers and employees are on site most of the time.

5) Describe the coworkers in your space in 3 words!

Rapid Lean Community (Synergy)

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