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Let´s go coworking!

The increasing digitization enables one thing above all: remote and flexible employees who, however, cannot or do not always want to work from the home office. The obvious solution is to work in a coworking space.

Coworkings are not only used by freelancers, more and more companies and start-ups are also operating from these spaces, as it brings enormous advantages for employees and employers.


Coworking brings people together who would not get to know each other under other circumstances. Many workspaces hold events for their community at regular intervals, which not only allows experts from different industries to find each other and exchange ideas, but also possible collaborations.

Together you are less alone

Not everyone is made for the home office, cannot set up a proper workplace at home or feels lonely. Many people need a creative exchange in their everyday work and a pleasant office atmosphere in order to be able to work concentrated.

Working in a coworking space makes you get dressed in the morning, get ready and finally get out of your own four walls. You interact with people and at the same time have enough space to work in peace - without losing the social component, the feeling of togetherness.

Always the right pot for every lid

No matter what awaits you in your day-to-day work, you will always find the right space for your needs in a coworking space: Do you need a quiet place to focus on work in the morning and a meeting room in the afternoon to talk to customers or partners? No problem and quick to organize. In addition to these various professional work spaces, many spaces also offer you relaxation rooms, café corners or even chill-out areas where you can rest and chat with others.

Stay flexible and spontaneous

Do you travel a lot for work, but need a moment of rest every now and then? Whether full-time desk, on a daily basis or just spontaneously for a few hours - coworking spaces give you the flexibility you need in your everyday work. You don't have to worry about anything that normally occurs in your own office: cleaning, fast WiFi connection, functioning and high-quality printers and of course paying rent.

Work - no matter when and where

Do you like to work outside of the standard 9-5 working hours or do you travel a lot for work? No matter where you are, in coworkings you always have an available space to work with available office equipment.

Productivity boost

Everyone knows stressful meeting days and the daily afternoon low, which is why your own work environment should also be created for moments of calm. Many coworking spaces therefore offer different types of rooms and places that a normal office or your own home cannot offer. On the one hand, this provides the variety that is so often required (hello change of scenery!) And gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries.

The group does it too: if you have problems focusing on your own at home but cannot or do not want to go to the office, you work alongside others in coworking and can thus encourage yourself. If you can see that others are working in a concentrated manner, you can motivate yourself better and procrastinate less.

Get structure in everyday life again

Home office can sometimes also lead to work and private life blending too closely together and you can no longer properly set boundaries between yourself. To prevent this, coworking as a “place of work” is a good solution. Home stays at home and work remains a place of work. In this way you create distance again and manage not to transfer the stress and the tasks into your private time.

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