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Flexible working compatible with pets?

The numbers of “Bring your own Pet” -Workspaces are increasing.

They are called "feel good managers" or "colleagues on four paws". These are pets that are brought to the office. Studies have shown that animals relax the team and have a positive effect on the working atmosphere. But what about animals when it comes to working flexibly?

Coworking with pets

More and more professional coworking spaces are offering coworkers the opportunity to bring their dogs into the office. But this trend is not limited to coworking spaces - dogs in particular are increasingly welcome guests in more and more offices all around the globe.

Attention, many Spaces do not allow animals in the office

But you should not assume that animals are generally allowed. Often companies have specific reasons why they prohibit the bringing of pets. This can be an animal hair allergy or bad experiences. In any case, you should respect that.

Where can I go?

On independesk, we have introduced a special "Pets" icon in the features section. Where pets are allowed and welcome, you will see this icon in the form of a dog's head.

If you're not sure, or there's no specific sign and you'd like to get a personal permission to take it with you, it's best to call the space upfront and ask nicely.

Enjoy the coworking!

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