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5 Questions for... "juggleHUB Coworking"

The coworking space"juggleHUB" is located in the trendy district Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. What´s special about it: Besides a workplace, they also offer flexible childcare.

1) What does "New Work" mean to you?

New Work focuses on humans and the humanity. Questions like: How do we want to live and work, as individuals and as a community? Resulting from this, it means taking a close look and listening to what people need, can do and want.

If everyone can work and create along his or her abilities and in harmony with other areas of life, we can not only be happier, but also more productive in the best sense. This is what we try to implement at juggleHUB. Our focus is on combining work and family in a carefree way.

2) How would you describe the working atmosphere at your coworking space?

Our atmosphere is familial in two ways. On one hand, parents and children are here, of course, and on the other hand, there is a very personal atmosphere. People quickly get to talk to each other, get to know each other, and often even friendships develop.

Many people feel "at home" very quickly. That is also what we want - but coupled with a "professional" working atmosphere. In other words, everyone can work according to their needs. The space is divided into rooms for meetings, for calls and for focused work. Teams can use their own offices.

To exchange ideas or simply relax, we offer our café. And if you really want it peacefull and quiet, you can stay at the dormitory. Next door, the kids have their own area, which they can explore with our wonderful team of caregivers.

3) What makes you and your space unique?

A space that combines coworking, event space, team offices and a café with flexible childcare on this scale is - as far as I know - unique so far. But more and more concepts are emerging in Berlin and other cities that combine work and family - that's great!

From the beginning, it was important to us to be open to everyone, people with children and without. Thinking in pigeonholes is far too common in everyday life. It is important to us to connect. After all, we can all learn from and with each other. At the same time, we are parents and founders ourselves and are eager to exchange ideas with people in this special phase of life.

Parenthood and starting a business has surprisingly a lot in common. With the "ParentPreneurs" network, which has its home base here, we want to encourage parents - and provide them with solid support in implementing their start-up ideas.

4) Offline- or Online-Meeting?

We love personal encounters. Therefore (if somehow possible): offline.

5) Describe the coworkers in your space in 3 words!

multicultural, relaxed, committed

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