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Efficient use of office space

You want to sublet your free space? With independesk you are on the safe side

Companies have vacant space for a variety of reasons: Most of the time, they have never demanded efficiency from their own offices. Sometimes companies rent space which is too large at the moment, so they have enough room to grow. Sometimes companies need to terminate parts of their workforce, but can't get out of their lease for a while.

Whatever it is, even before COVID-19, around 54% of all office spaces were used inefficiently. We see this as a great potential for additional revenue and for optimizing additional expanses.

Which rooms can I sublet?

You can actually offer and sublease any type of workspace and space:

  1. Individual desks: Users can flexibly rent individual desks.
  2. Office space: Complete teams or smaller companies and startups can work together in it, but remain among themselves. You can also offer a whole room for individual independesk users.

Sublease: What is included?

You decide what features you want to offer at your Space. From free coffee to extra screens, you can choose lots of additional features which you can display in your profile on independesk.

However, the basic requirements for offering on independesk are:

  1. Table
  2. Chair
  3. Wifi
  4. Outlet
  5. Daylight

Depending on which features you offer in addition, you can earn more money with your Space.

But: Briefly estimate what the additional amenities will cost you. Offering free coffee for example, should not lead in a loss for you, if the basic rental price is not high enough.

Sublease legalities

When it comes to subleasing, it is less complicated to sublet office space than ordinary apartments. That is why only companies and their commercial spaces are allowed to offer desks and rooms on independesk.

  • First of all, check your lease, because subletting is usually already regulated in it.
  • The landlord must usually agree to a sublease unless there is a specific reason not to.
  • Talk openly with your landlord about your plans. Usually the landlord has no reason to denie your request, because it helps to secure the rental income for himself.

Find a subtenant with independesk

In 5 easy steps you can rent out your free space with the help of independesk:

  1. Register yourself in our App
  2. For the successful publication of your space, you need to upload at least one photo of your place and create an account at our payment provider STRIPE (easy to do via our App).
  3. You can decide on a daily basis when and how many desks and rooms you would like to rent out - so you are always in full control.
  4. We support the marketing of your Space through our social media.
  5. When users start renting from you by the hour, you generate revenue and reduce your rental costs - for every succesful and completed booking, we receive a small commission.

Mit independesk ist es leicht zusätzliche Mieteinnahmen zu generieren und so die laufenden Kosten Deines Unternehmens zu senken. Wenn Du Fragen hast, stehen wir Dir jederzeit zur Seite. Öffne einfach den Chat unten rechts auf der Website.

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