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Develop the ideal New Work concept for your startup with us: Whether hybrid, no office or an individual solution.

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Climate protection through reduced commuting

Optimization of rental costs

1,800 coworking and meeting locations

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How it works


Choose your Independesk Coworking-Package

You choose the right Coworking package that gives you access to the entire independesk community. We would be happy to help you choose the best product for your startup.


Over 1,500 opportunities every day

Your team and your freelancers receive individual access authorizations to all coworking spaces and offices for flexible and mobile working.


Living the sharing economy

Thanks to independesk's flexibility, you can react quickly to changes and develop new locations as well as reduce rental costs. This is how we support you in scaling your startup.

Why Coworking for Startups?

Working in walking distance

Commuting is no longer up-to-date: opt for maximum flexible collaboration in your team and with freelancers. Work from anywhere.

Talent elsewhere

Make it possible to work completely remotely at other locations, workations and team retreats and become an attractive employer.

Meeting rooms for pitches

Secure representative meeting rooms for customer presentations, pitches to investors or workshops with the team throughout Germany.

Save office rent costs

Optimize your rental costs by only booking desks or meeting rooms when you need them. Work remotely with your team first.

Manage internal office desks?

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  •  Independesk is the optimal solution for the flexible workplace of companies, with a free choice of location. 

    Carsten Maschmeyer, Investor

Any questions? We have answers.

Why is independesk coworking a perfect match for startups?

Startups have to live flexibly. A long rental contract or unused office space doesn't fit their needs. With independesk coworking, the team can decide when to work remotely and when to get together. The membership is attractively priced and can be flexibly adapted to growth.

How can I get the most out of independesk?

independesk can either be used as an addition to the office so that you don't need tp provide workplaces to all employees or for completely remote teams it can be the solution for meetings, workshops and offsites.

How much rent can I save thanks to independesk?

The savings potential varies from company to company. However, the reduction of the rights of use for independesk coworking available for the corresponding month only takes place after use. This means that you and your team do not consume any usage rights for the times in the home office.

Do I still need my own office?

No, it is not necessary to have your own office. However, we recommend that teams meet physically on a regular basis. As a retreat or for a monthly meeting. Many of the meeting and conference rooms that you can book through independesk are suitable for this. As a company, you decide whether you want to rent a small office somewhere. In any case, thanks to independesk, there is no need to do so.

What can be booked through independesk?

On independesk you will find many exciting workplaces in a professional environment. Whether in an individual office, team office or open-plan office, in co-working spaces, hotels or restaurants - independesk offers a large selection of desks and meeting rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

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