Who can rent out their space?

You have a special Space that you would like to rent out. But you don't know if and how you can do it? At independesk, you have a variety of options to rent out your space.

The classics among the Spaces

When asked about possible alternative workspaces, most people immediately think of the "classic" flexible workspaces such as existing coworking spaces & office spaces and cafes.

The great advantage with these places is that they serve exactly the need of the user at that moment: Coworking spaces and office spaces offer you a variety of options, such as a furnished workplace in an open-plan office, individual offices for concentrated work or fully equipped meeting rooms. You can also find a relaxed and rather cozy workplace to meet with clients and colleagues in cafés, among other places.

The idea that only freelancers frequently visit these locations is no longer true, due to the Corona Pandemic. The trend toward home offices and other alternatives - such as coworking in one's own neighborhood - is changing the way we work. The services offered by coworking spaces are also evolving. For example, many offer additional childcare already, so that parents who need to take care of their children, can work undisturbed.

Another important factor why flexible workplaces are often visited instead of staying at the home office is the community aspect. A community of remote workers from a wide range of industries opens completely new opportunities for networking, exchange and collaboration.

On the rise: Hotel industry

Workshops, conferences and meetings have always been held on the premises of hotels. The reason for this: they are always well equipped, easily accessible for all participants and also offer accommodation at the same time.

What is new, however, is the renting of the individual hotel rooms as individual offices. These can be rented spontaneously during the day and offer a quiet atmosphere for undisturbed work. What is particularly interesting is the range the hotels can offer: Whether low-budget rooms or an exclusive suite for important business meetings, you will always find what you need.

Unexpected treasures among the Spaces

Any furnished space can become a flexible workplace. Independesk has not only classic spaces such as coworkings, hotel rooms and cafés, but also unexpected and special locations such as dance schools, museums and theaters.

These exciting places offer not only fully equipped workplaces, but also a unique atmosphere. Working at the spy museum of Berlin? Boost your creativity at the top of the TV tower with an insane view? It's all possible and not only enthusiasts will enjoy these moments.

For more exceptional desks, check out our blog post.

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