This is how you become a coworking space!

How to offer coworking in your office.

Bringing New Work in a company to life doesn't have to mean changing everything completely: Companies can take small steps toward the future of the working world. We'll show you how to improve the working situation for your employees in just three steps.

Step 1: Introduce flexible workplaces

Not everyone needs their own desk. And because of that, you should offer a space for in-house coworking in a room or on a floor of your office. You'll see: This space will be used more and more over time, because your employees will appreciate the flexibility.

But be aware: For some people their workplace is sacred. So you should talk to your employees first, before abolishing all permanent workspaces immediately.

Step 2: Open your space also for externals

Have you ever had a vendor or freelancer of yours working for you from your office for a few hours? Why not? Invite anyone associated with the company to sit in your coworking space whenever they want. This builds trust and creates a better working relationship. Plus, your employees can collaborate across disciplines in this space and hold their work meetings there in a relaxed atmosphere.

How much you want to open your coworking space to outsiders is up to you.

Step 3: Earn money with your coworking and meet new, exciting people

Managing indvidual bookings is very exhausting. But that's exactly why independesk is good for you. Our app automatically takes care of the billing, you just have to welcome the externals and guide them to their seat - that's all. And if you want, you can exchange ideas with them. Many independesk users are super interesting people and can bring real added value to your business.

By the way, you can easily create a Space in our independesk App. There, you will also find a video-tutorial.

Time for you to get started. We wish you a lot of fun!

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