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Are we more productive by working remotely?

Work where and when you want. Working remotely can have many advantages. This way of working - if you can handle it correctly - has an enormous positive influence on productivity.

The following article explains in detail how you can increase productivity when working remotely or how it can be used effectively in general, and it goes into detail about which points are particularly beneficial for remote work.

The work-life balance

The good quality of life is characterized by an optimal work-life balance. It is important to find an appropriate balance between work and private life. In order to be able to create a balance that is beneficial for your own health, it is important to pay attention to a few things.

An average working day is eight hours. In addition, there are also the commute to work and the breaks between working hours. So there is not really much left of the free time. With more productive and shorter working hours, you can find a healthy work-life balance. In general, it should be made clear that a 50/50 ratio of work and leisure is almost impossible to achieve.

People work more productively remotely

There are now many studies and surveys that have confirmed that working in the home office generally leads to significantly higher productivity. Employees can usually concentrate much better in the workplace away from the office, as there is no potential for distractions such as those caused by work colleagues. Basically, some also report that they would take shorter breaks than usual and that they do not often fail due to illness.

Working in an isolated area, which appears disadvantageous at first, turns out to be overall more effective than in the office. Sometimes the question arises as to what would happen if the employee did not do their work at their own desk correctly and as specified. A simple and short answer to this is that someone who proves to be lazy when working remotely generally does not perform exorbitantly in the office.

People are more flexible and happier when working on the move

The reason why people are mostly happier when working from anywhere is explained by the fact that you can work in an environment that you are used to in your private life or in one that you have proactively chosen, such as a coworking.

Thus, the remote workstation ensures a pleasant and supportive atmosphere, so that you can do your tasks in a relaxed but concentrated and focused manner. The interruptions during work by colleagues from the office do not get in the way. In addition, the other time pressure and stress are eliminated.

Normally, to get to work on time, you would have to get up in time, have breakfast, shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, get on the train or in the car and sometimes drive a long way to work. Of course, when working remotely, you also have specifications that you have to adhere to and these should also be adhered to in terms of time, but this can be made much easier and more flexible.

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