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Remote Work - but the right way!

More and more people are working partially or completely remotely due to increasing digitalization. Who is new z. B. in the home office - which is currently the case for many due to Corona - can quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated. Working alone requires a lot of self-determination and a restructured way of working.

It can bring so many advantages: There are no journeys, everyday life can be designed more flexibly and you work far more concentrated and productive. However, certain structures and routines also have to be set up when working outside of the local area. Here are some tips to get the most out of working remotely.

The ideal workplace

It is important to think in advance where you want to spend your working day - whether at home or in a coworking space. At home, of course, it is optimal if you have your own study in which you can work undisturbed. If this is not available, a place such as For example, a coworking space can be chosen, which one sees as his permanent workplace and only this is worked on. A good work-life balance is also important when working remotely and work should continue to be separated from private life.

Set working hours

A trap that you quickly fall into as soon as you are not working at a permanent workplace in an office is the feeling of having to be constantly available. Many studies have shown that people work from home much more than they usually do in the office. Above all, this has to do with wanting to prove that something is being achieved and not just watching Netflix in bed. Clearly demarcated working and break times help to structure the day and also to be able to switch off from work.

Avoid distractions

Do the laundry, call mom or do the weekly shopping - there is always something to do at home. Of course, you can do this domestic work in short breaks, but it should not interfere with everyday work and distract from the tasks. This can also be avoided by setting clear time frames and goals. In addition, a neutral place like a coworking space ensures that you don't fall into these everyday traps in the first place.

Communication is the key element

What can be discussed quickly over the radio in the office now requires a little more active action. Writing in chat is often faster, but personal (video) phone calls are better for communication and team cohesion. Many who work remotely lack social contact with others.

Our advice: A virtual coffee date with your favorite colleague works wonders against the impending camp fever!

Dress code for working alone?

As much as it contradicts all the hopes of the ideal out-of-office day: Working in pajamas is actually not the best way to approach remote work. Research has shown that this subconsciously inhibits motivation to tackle the day full of vigor. So get out of your nightgown and into your sweatpants - it doesn't have to be uncomfortable either.

Working remotely requires a certain amount of self-control and independent work. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely try this out for yourself. Everyone has different needs and ideas about mobile work, which crystallize over time. Find these and test different methods for you to get the best out of working wherever you are.

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