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New work requires new leadership

Does New Work also require New Leadership? Modern leadership raises many questions when it comes to the subject of how this is best implemented or should be implemented.

In order to be able to successfully put future-oriented leadership into practice in today's world of work, the basic prerequisite is knowledge of so-called social leadership skills and a general understanding of leadership.

New leadership is necessary for companies to be adaptable and creative. Quick decision-making must be given so that the company can survive in times of digitization with the implementation of the New Work method.

Often a lot of plans are made and concepts are developed, which then cannot be implemented in reality or are not implemented in a structured manner. As is well known, there is a very big difference between theory and practice.

New work as freedom - under certain conditions

Thanks to digitization, we have the means to achieve greater freedom in the world of work. With the cloud, smartphones, laptops, the Internet, etc., many things are made less complicated. Due to the simplified possibility of communication, it quickly becomes clear that new ways of working can be created with it.

New skills in the age of digitization

Modern leaders no longer function as normal employers. The main focus here is clearly on the word "lead". In order to enable new ways of working, these executives inspire, advise and support the employees in every imaginable way.

Your job is to act as a kind of coach and to develop new methods that will ensure future work easier, simpler and more supportive. If so with structure and Practicing success creates more freedom for everyone individual worker of the company.

New work requires new working frameworks

For the optimal implementation of New Work by relocating work to the home office, for example, certain conditions must be met. In order to enable mobile and flexible work in the home office, strict compliance with legal requirements with regard to the Working Hours Act is the first priority.

Some parties want to make remote work easier in the future and create a legal framework for it. The biggest problem in working from home is the inaccessibility of the employer with regard to the private premises of the employee. This applies to both the establishment of the workplace and the controls under industrial safety law.

New leadership style promotes personal responsibility

The principle of the old-fashioned control and observation function as a manager makes little sense and is not relevant when implementing New Work. The goal of the work of the future must be that one works together as a community in a network in order to be able to make important decisions better and to be better able to prepare for future demands.

The management style based on the New Work principle only provides rough directions. The manager creates procedures to make self-organization possible. The norm are extensive opportunities for participation and a high degree of freedom. Unlike usual, important decisions are discussed and made together in a team.

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