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What is New Work?

The term “New Work” is understood to mean a new way of working today - promoted primarily by the Internet and digitization. This new way of working should ensure flexibility and self-realization.

Especially with companies that focus their business on the Internet, this becomes clear from the fact that the classic office jobs will disappear over time. In the future, employees will be able to do the required work at home in the home office.

Frithjof Bergmann is the origin of the New Work movement

The social philosopher Prof. Dr. Frithjof Bergmann is the founder of the New Work concept. It struck him that over time it has become accustomed to apply and adhere to fixed hierarchies and fixed time structures in work processes. He dealt extensively with issues relating to general human freedom. The result of his philosophical questions was that the current system of work will no longer have any weight in the near future and will have no meaningful use. Many people are massively restricted in their leisure activities due to the old-fashioned work structures. Thus, new ideas and other approaches have to be created with regard to the implementation of the work.

Change in the world of work through digitization, globalization, Connectivity

The world of work will be less open and predictable in the future, because work will become increasingly less separable from leisure. At best, the work should be productive, fulfilling and challenging as well. Automated processes make it clear that many one-sided and routine jobs will die out in the future.

The creative work, innovations and flexibility of Employees are becoming more and more relevant. It is obvious that today Work processes have to become faster and more dynamic. The Restructuring of the world of work is happening faster and faster worldwide. The Digitization, globalization, general new technologies and the demographic change ensure significant and massive changes in relation on today's world of work.

How is the world of work changing with New Work?

On the one hand, the New Work Revolution will make itself felt in the world of work in that managers will have less control in the future. Furthermore, employees are given more opportunities and freedom. By focusing on personal development opportunities, New Work offers the opportunity to continuously expand the individual expertise of employees.

Introducing new corporate structures and focusing on the pursuit of common goals has priority here. Living out the goal-oriented and at the same time encouraging and free way of working, as well as working together in a team, keeps motivation at a high standard and strengthens team spirit.

Which working methods will no longer exist in the future?

Moving work to the home office will make a big difference. Thus, by and large, the place of work will change in the future.

The fact that employees comfortably have their office in their own four walls and can work from there saves long commutes. Long commutes to and from the office often turn out to be extremely unproductive. It's just a waste of time in general. With this method, the so-called work-life balance is maintained and in harmony.

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