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Prepare your own company for remote work

The Corona crisis posed a major challenge for many companies that had to enable entire teams or even the entire workforce to work mobile in a very short time. In this article we explain how to adjust your company to remote workers in the short and long term while maintaining team cohesion and the motivation of the individual employees.


In addition to common tools and structures that have to be provided so that the previous processes can continue to run routinely, the management level must also prepare for the new situation and possible problems in their teams. The most important thing when leading a completely remote team is a functioning communication between the team members, but also with the lead.

In a remote collaboration, the manager has to do one thing above all else: lead. Leads need to convey, instruct and be available so that communication and the workflow can be maintained at all times. Another important task at management level is to maintain and promote team cohesion.


Employers who struggle with their team working remotely because they fear a loss of control have completely different problems than unproductive employees. If the team is not working productively remotely, the manager has either already failed in recruiting or has problems properly guiding and motivating his employees.

A lead may not assume the position of supervisor in a remote situation, because this usually leads to negativity and a loss of motivation in the team. He must work out goals together with the individual team members and discuss progress in regular, personal (video) discussions.

Build scaffolding

In order to create a seamless transition from the office to remote work, the basic technical requirements must also be created in advance. It is important to create a cloud-based structure for this in order to enable and facilitate collaboration. There are various tools that facilitate communication (such as Slack), project planning (such as Asana) and video conferencing (such as Google Hangouts).

An important shift that organizations need to go through when working remotely is fundamentally rethinking the position of executives and leads.

For employees in mobile work, above all good communication must be ensured and trust and appreciation must be conveyed so that the cornerstones for the functioning of remote teams are set.

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