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Mindfulness exercises for in between

You hear a lot about mindfulness and that we have to slow down our lives. But who has the time to go through various online and offline guides on the subject? You don't have to deal intensively with the various meditation and mindfulness approaches to start with. In the end, it's about leaving everyday life out for a short time, simply switching off and thereby reducing your stress. Here we show you some exercises that will make it easier for you to get started in a mindful way of dealing with yourself.

Conscious breathing

Focus on your breathing. Put your hand on your stomach and breathe in and out consciously. Pay attention to the regularity and rhythm of your breathing.

Listen to the outside world

Sit down and close your eyes. What can you hear and perceive consciously? Which individual noises can you filter out that you are otherwise not even aware of in everyday life?

Listen inward

How often are you angry, frustrated or stressed and not sure why? Mindful listening helps to recognize stress factors and to be able to counteract them at an early stage in the future.

Mindful eating and drinking

You can also take a meal mindfully. Often we gobble down our food too quickly due to lack of time or we don't really notice what we are eating because we consume the meal on the side. Concentrate fully on your food, observe the colors and the smell. Let it melt in your mouth, chew it calmly and take your time to taste every single bite.

Many are now probably wondering: And who has time for mindful eating or breathing with a busy schedule?

There are always moments in everyday life when you are forced to pause and wait, even if you don't want to: in the waiting room at the doctor, at the red light or in the line at the supermarket. These short moments are enough to practice mindfulness and linger in the here and now.

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