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How companies use their vacant office space profitably

The Corona crisis has pushed the question of how we work in the future to the top of the priority list for both employees and companies. In the meantime, the majority of employees also want more flexibility in the choice of work location and working hours. For companies, the question raises of how to deal with unoccupied office space, then.

Realize new office concepts

Communication and cooperation with colleagues and other teams are essential components of today's everyday working life. In the future, the office will increasingly take on the role as a place for exchange, while ones home is often the appropriate place for concentrated work.

The design of the office should also take this into account and, above all, provides sufficient meeting facilities. This promotes productive team and project work within the company. In addition to conference rooms, appropriately designed open spaces with meeting points and lounge areas are suitable for this purpose. Telephone and meeting boxes with space for up to 6 people also serve as meeting facilities in more and more company offices.

For companies that want to design their offices considering this trend, the current changes in the world of work offer the ideal opportunity to adapt the office concepts and create a productive working environment for the employees.

Generate additional revenue with the rental of vacant space

Another way to deal with vacant office space is to rent out workstations to external people. The home office is not a suitable alternative to working in an office for everyone. This is because many employees associate the home office with isolated work. It is also not easy to set up a productive workplace in every home.

As a result, other mobile working options are becoming interesting to many employees. Co-working spaces have been recording growing user numbers for years. In metropolitan areas, many cafés have already set up separate areas that can be used as workplaces. And even hotels are now offering their unused hotel rooms as workspaces.

Resulting from this, more and more companies are making use of the possibility to flexibly rent out their free capacities through our platform. In doing so, they benefit from the given infrastructure their office. Fast Internet and conference rooms as a retreat for phone calls. Coffee machines or water dispensers are usually already available in the office and are often important aspects for interested parties. Vacant workstations can easily be rented out and additional income can be generated without much additonal effort.

Flexible procurement of additional workstations

For companies that want to monetize their unused offce space in this way, the Berlin-based start-up Lendis offers an easy way to equip their office with suitable furniture and technology. In addition to complete workstations, the company rents out everything from telephone boxesand business laptops to conference room technology, which is part of modern office equipment. The equipment is managed simply and centrally on the company's own platform. Individual pieces of furniture or electronics can be assigned directly to employees and rooms. Three aspects are particularly noteworthy for companies.


The rental model offers the greatest possible flexibility. Customers rent technology and furniture at any time according to their needs. Products that are no longer needed can be canceled monthly and returned without any problems. This means they only pay for the equipment they actually use.

Low capital expenditure

When purchasing office equipment, high one-time expenses have to be paid. When renting technology and office equipment, on the other hand, only small monthly amounts are paid. This has only a minor impact on the cash flow. The rental model is therefore also suitable for projects lasting only a few months, such as equipping vacant office space with workstations.

Full insurance

All products rented with Lendis are insured free of charge. The most common causes such as theft, fire or water damage are covered. This allows you to work on respective office furniture with a feeling of security.

With Lendi's offer, the service concept is paramount. Anyone who makes use of the rental offer does not have to worry about anything other than placing the order. Lendis takes care of delivery, installation, maintenance and repair, as well as subsequent collection.

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