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The Coworking Myth

Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years - because flexible working means using other places besides the office or home office, creating a better work-life balance for yourself this way.

Nevertheless, many prejudices against coworking are still prevailing, such as "It's only for freelancers" or "It's probably super busy!" We dispel the most common clichés about coworking spaces and explain how useful and enriching it can be to work there.

But I need silence while I am working!

For many, the image of a crowded and bustling open-plan office pops into their heads as soon as they hear the word coworking space. In fact, there is a wide variety of coworking spaces that are tailored to your own wishes and needs - whether quiet individual spaces or private offices for entire teams.

In addition, the coworkings are always optimally equiped as workplaces - for example, you will always find good lighting conditions, fast Wifi connections and a clean workplace, which generally creates a better working atmosphere.

Coworkings are too expensive in the long run!

Of course, using a desk is not free of charge, regardless of whether it's a home office or a coworking space. If you rent a desk flexibly, you pay for your stay, but all other permanent costs are omitted: Wifi, insurance, taxes, cleaning staff, office equipment, and a lot more. Therefore, it is usually more cost-effective to rent a coworking desk than to rent an office space.

Only freelancers work there!

This is not exclusively the case, many large companies now allow their employees to work flexibly. The Siemens Group recently announced that over 50% of its employees worldwide can work on the move on 2-3 days - regardless of where they are based.

One of the main reasons why companies are increasingly doing this is the great flexibility it provides. On the one hand, it improves the work-life balance of the employees, and on the other hand, the company can flexibly adapt to the current internal situation - depending on whether more or fewer places are needed.

You are not sure how to find a suitable space quickly? Services like independesk support you in finding the right space for you and your team in a timely and cost-effective manner. You get a direct overview of which locations are available in your area and which services and extras they offer.

Coworkings are all the same!

Yes and no. The basic idea is right, because in a coworking space you get one or more workplaces. What makes them different, however, is that most are very individually designed and tailored to different needs. They differ in ambience, the services offered, the number and size of rooms, location, price, etc.

In addition to the "usual" coworkings, you will also find unusual spaces with very special concepts and target groups: At Work'n'Kid, you are offered a desk as well as childcare, so that you can work in peace and carefree at the same time. And for example CoWomen offers women a place to work and exchange ideas.

Coworking spaces come in all formats and sizes: Whether you're traveling solo or in a team, looking for a community or just spontaneously need a desk nearby, a meeting room or a photo studio - whether in morning, noon or night. Whatever location you are looking for, there is always a suitable coworking for your current needs.

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