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Remote working skills

Working remotely sounds like a dream to many. But in fact, not everyone is made for this way of working. In this article we will give you an overview of which characteristics and skills are relevant for mobile work and which can help you to work remotely in the future.

Motivated work

Do you want to work flexibly and from anywhere in the future? Then you should be able to do one thing above all: motivate yourself and be able to be alone with yourself.

On the one hand you will have little direct contact with other employees, on the other hand you have to work out and set your tasks and goals independently. If structured and self-determined work is your thing, getting used to this way of working shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you.

Communication talent

Working in a remote team requires one thing above all: good and consistent communication with colleagues and the team leader.

Chat and emails are quick to write, but try to hold meetings with video calls as often as possible. This way, the feeling of community can be maintained and you can see your colleagues in “real” again.

Team player asked

Whether in the home office, in a coworking space or outside via a hotspot - even if you can organize and work through your tasks well, it is necessary that you also look to the left and right in the team.

For a good and functioning cooperation, it is also important that you can supplement the work of the others - if possible - and provide assistance.

Good time management

Time is by far the most important resource for every human being. Each of us has already asked ourselves how it can be that some people create, implement and achieve more in the same amount of time than you do, then that's because of the right time management.

That is why it is important to create certain routines according to which you work with structure and discipline. It is just as important in mobile work to be able to assess yourself and your abilities well.

Technical skills

If you want to work successfully remotely, you should always be up to date with the latest technology. Above all, this applies to all tools that facilitate collaboration. It is a great advantage if you already work a lot with these platforms and systems and also have an overview of the respective advantages and disadvantages.

This not only makes your day-to-day work easier for you, it also enriches your team: You can specify which technical solution is best at which point in time and how it can be used optimally.

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