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5 reasons why you should use independesk

Your workplace is always ready to go

What many have taken away from the last few months is that, firstly, remote work is somehow feasible and, secondly, how to work from home needs to be learned.

But what if, despite all the positive home office experience, you cannot set up a good and permanent workplace? Reasons can be a lack of space, but also that you don't want to have your office in your home or you just want to get out again and work in a different environment (keyword: change of scenery!)?

This is exactly where independesk comes in as an alternative to the home office: You can rent a fully equipped desk in your area directly and flexibly and have a workplace where you can start working immediately. Everything else is also taken care of: in addition to good lighting, all spaces at independesk have, among other things, a stable and fast internet connection.

"Me, myself and I" or: not everyone is made for the home office

As great as the “home office” idea sounds at the beginning, not everyone is made for permanent work from within their own four walls. Some struggle with being able to set up their workplace properly, others simply lack the "togetherness".

On the one hand, the daily routine is missing: getting up, getting ready and going to the office. To build up a new rhythm, to get used to it and to persevere is difficult and takes time. In addition, there is often the feeling of loneliness, there are no more colleagues around you who can help out on call or with whom you can simply chat over the weekend over a coffee shop in the hallway.

On the other hand, switching off is difficult because those who sleep, eat and work in the same room often have difficulties separating their private life from their work. Studies in recent months have shown that people tend to work more and longer from their home office than at their place in the office.

Community is key

For many, remote workplaces such as B. in coworking spaces or offices there is another extra, namely the possibility of being part of a community. For many professional groups, networking is an important component such as freelancers, agencies, start-ups, etc.

Being a member of a community like independesk enables professional exchange with people you would not otherwise have met so quickly and often leads to future collaboration. Many Spaces therefore also offer different types of events that, on the one hand, bring the community together and, on the other hand, offer intellectual added value with interesting lectures and series.

Always in the right place at the right time

At independesk, you can rent exactly the workspace that suits you best at the moment - be it a single office to take part in telcos or to work in a concentrated manner, or a cozy café where you can have a conversation in a pleasant atmosphere with a customer or colleague or a coworking space where you can work in a professional atmosphere.

You make new decisions every day in which type of work environment you want to be. With independesk you are not bound by any contracts, you only rent your chosen space for the time you need on the day. This means that your everyday life remains completely flexible and you decide where and when you work.

Office, but without a climate slap

Who does not know the daily rush hour in the morning on the way to the office and then again in the evening on the way home? If you can choose your place of work yourself thanks to remote work, direct proximity and quick accessibility are the primary criteria. This eliminates the unnecessary commuting by car, the CO2 emissions are reduced and you harm the environment a little less.

This new way of working can also have a positive impact on urban development. The flexible leasing of office space and workplaces means that existing spaces can be used to the maximum. Therefore, free space can be created and used for living space and urban projects.

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